7 Best AdSense Alternatives 2018


If you’re a blogger and your Adsense account is banned then its time to look further for some best Adsense alternatives. It’s true that Adsense pays much better than any other blogging advertising network, but there are some good alternatives to Adsense which you can try for your blog. Let’s see them in detail.

Best Adsense Alternatives in 2018

1. Media.net

If you somehow not comfortable with Google Adsense then media net is the best Adsense alternative with high payout rates. In simple terms, its the Adsense for yahoo and bing. This company had developed an innovative style of digital advertising via contextual ads. They have more than 500 employs over the majority of locations including New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, etc. Talking about statistics, Media.net is placed as #1 for best Adsense alternatives. They deliver almost all kinds of ads including tech, business, finance, travel, health, etc. In the current stage, Media.net is the only platform competitive to Adsense regarding high revenue.


2. PropellerAds Media

Many of you might have seen pop-under advertisements frequently on websites; such ads are placed by propeller ads. They are the biggest pop-under advertising provider. They publish pop-under ads for tech, entertainment, movies, games, dating, finance, gambling, etc. It’s among good Adsense alternatives which can provide pop-under advertising solution as Adsense doesn’t support that.


3. Infolinks

Infolinks provided popup ads. They are one of the biggest mobilization solution providers who can publish ads in more than 128 countries with high CPM. Aldo their advertisement doesn’t affect your blog regarding reading for your valuable visitors. Alos their ads are highly customisable, and you can theme them to look like a part of your website. They display video ads and mobile banners. Also, their process of integrating ads is quite simple as compared to Adsense which makes it rank on good Adsense alternatives. Also, they have a minimum payout rate of $5, so you can get payments daily via PayPal as long as you’re making revenue of 5$ per day.


4. PopCash

Popcash is also an excellent alternative to Adsense which works similar to pads which comparably high CPC. They offer ads on mobile as well as desktop traffic. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal, Payza, and Paxum. They are fast in processing payment with a maximum wait of 48 hours.


5. Chitika

Being so similar to Adsense regarding types of ads and payout rates they also offer you to customise your ads for better integration of ads with on your website. Chitika pays your revenue payment via PayPal with minimum cashout of $10 or via check $50. If you’re looking for some Best Adsense alternatives, then Chitika is the best place to try for.


6. Adversal

Adversal is a great alternative to Adsense as it contains banner ads as well as textual ads with high CPC rates. If you are not happy with Adsense for some reason then definitely check out Adversal. Also, they usually approve new accounts within 24 hours so you can start publishing ads in mere one day! However, Adversal requires you to have a website with the minimum traffic of 50,000 page views per month which is quite a huge number. So it’s not ideal for new bloggers out there. They pay your revenue via PayPal.


7. Yllix Media

Yllix is also a good network for publishing ads if you have good organic traffic. Also, your account will be activated instantly after sign up. They don’t do any background check on your site and also offers NSFW ads if you allow them. Its a good monetization solution for adult pages where Adsense doesn’t allow 18+ content at all. The best part is that their minimum payout rate is 10$ for PayPal and 20$ for Payoneer.


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