Best Cable Alternatives of 2018


Hello friends, today in this article, we bring you some of the best Cable Alternatives. Everyone loves Tv, doesn’t it? But we connect watching TV with cables for watching your favorite shows. There are many cable alternatives which will help you to save up some cash for your Christmas present, let’s see few of them!

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Best Cable Alternatives

1. Cable Network Channels Online (free)

Many network channels post their aired episodes to their website but for a limited time only. If you own a smart TV or any other kind of media streaming device, then you can download many network-based apps in your device to stream your favorite shows which are mostly free of cost.

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2. YouTube and Vimeo (free)

Youtube is slowly killing the standard cable connections and becoming the future of cable alternatives. With the rise of professional videos and youtube red series, there is a lot of watching instead of a standard old-fashioned Tv and everything for free of course, thanks to googling! Just to let you know youtube has some of the best indie fils, comedy channels, movie channels, short files, news channels, etc. you will never feel like your away from cable services.

3. Library (free)

Sounds like a bummer but Library is a pretty good alternative to cable TV. You will find every kind of stories, jokes, entertainment, food recipes, historical books, etc. Also reading books at library won’t tire your eyes as cable TV does, but it actually will increase your IQ level as you will have more topics to talk with people while holding on a new conversation. There’s nothing wrong except the fact that you have to drive to the library for reading, but I guess that’s not that bad.

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4. Hulu ($8 per month)

You might have never heard of this before, but it also comes with paid cable TV alternatives. With a cheap subscription of only $8 a month, you will be able to watch all live shows. Although, it shows ads between shows and breaks which you can terminate via upgrading to their commercial free plan of $12 a month. Nevertheless, to say, it is one of the great alternatives to cable TV.

5. Netflix ($8 per month)

Netflix is a great alternative to cable tv if you love to watch movies and tv shows. Although, it doesn’t have news channels as far as I know. There are indeed some great shows to stream for. You will be able to watch new shows as soon as they air and get new recommendations to watch. Also, you can access Netflix on every device with a single account. The standard subscription of Netflix costs $10 a month which hikes up to $12 a month if you want to use Netflix on multiple devices.

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6. Amazon Prime Video ($8.99 per month)

We know Amazon is growing big and big every day. From shows to ebooks to online server provider and now stepping in the games of cable alternatives. That’s right Amazon has started its online streaming portal where you can stream all favorite movies, Tv shows, serials, and Amazon original series as bones. Amazon original series is just like youtube red, they are made entirely for Amazon, and you can only watch them if you are paid customer. Amazon Prime membership will cost you $99 a year which roughly translates to around $8 a month. Along with getting the best service form cable alternatives, you will also get free deliveries when you shop from Amazon and get other Amazon prime benefits.

Final Words

That’s all the best cable alternatives you can choose from if you are not happy with your current cable tv network. Let us know which one of these you find the best and let other help in choosing the best package in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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