How to Root Android Mobile Without PC


Hello friends, Today we are going to describe about rooting that how to root android mobile without PC. In this article, you (readers) will learn about rooting and how you can root your android mobile without PC. Please read the whole article to know more about rooting. Specially about its advantages and disadvantages. Because it very important to know know about both the good and bad thing about anything which we are going to use.

How to Root Android Mobile Without PC

What is Rooting?

First of all you must know about Rooting that what is rooting then we forward towards the steps description to root android mobile without PC. So friends, What is Rooting? Rooting is getting the super user controls of your android’s software. In other words, rooting can be defined as to attain root access over various android sub-systems is called rooting. Rooting has many advantages but friends, as every thing comes with both advantages and disadvantages, Rooting also has disadvantages with its advantages.

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Advantages and disadvantages of rooting an android phone.

The best advantage of rooting is, Rooting gives you all the super users rights of the software of your android. which means you can do anything you want with your android mobile. With this, you can uninstall the pre-install apps which are of no use. You can increase the internal memory and RAM of your android device. With this, you also can increase the battery life and performance of you android mobile. You can also flash some of custom ROMs like AOKP, Hive ROM, CyanogenMod etc.

On the other hand, Rooting has disadvantages also. Rooting your android phone will void you phone’s warranty. Phone can be bricked sometime while rooting and will be on. Little mistake while rooting your android phone can let your phone in a serious condition. With all this, you can loose your data also.

Prerequisites to root your your android phone

1.  Your android phone must be charged. Your android mobile phone must be atleast 60{a1ae43ceea9dfe112387d9bed445b9f9260808df0f7e6b43d56218867d837494} charged. Because it takes a long time to root a device.

2. Now enable the unknown sources option in the settings option of your android phone.

3. Make a backup of your all important data.

4. You should have the stock ROM of your android device. In case your android device get bricked while processing, then you can repair it.

Steps to root android mobile without PC

1. Framaroot

Framaroot is the first best app for rooting an android device. It is the universal method of rooting an android device, based on one click. You can easily root your device in no time with a couple of root exploits attached with Framaroot. It gives you three simple option menu for rooting. You just have to choose one option of them. And Framaroot will provide you an instant and secure root without any risk. You must try Framaroot, if you are willing to root your android device.


  1. Download the Framaroot in your android device by clicking Download Framaroot.
  2. Install it in your device. And Open it.
  3. Now select Super Users or SuperSU.
  4. Click any exploit of your choice and click on root option.
  5. It will successfully root your android phone.
  6. Some times 1st exploits does not work, so keep trying second and third also.

2. VRoot

Vroot is second best app to root an android mobile. It helps you to attain super users rights over the software of your android. It also include the one click method to root an android device. Which simply means that you can easily root your android device with few simple steps with Vroot. It also works on lava and karbonn phones. But it is not suitable for samsung devices. So friends, if you are having a lava or Karbonn phones, the Vroot is the best app to root your android phones.

You can download Vroot by clicking Download Vroot.

3. Kingroot

Kingroot is one of the most popular app for Rooting. Friends, Kingroot is the best option for you if you are using a micromax android device. This is because it is specially designed for mediatek devices. And most of the micromax devices comes with mediatek chipset. In addition with with it it is best kitkat version of micromax also.

How to root your android device with Kingroot.

  • Download kingroot in your device. Click KingRoot to download kingroot in your device.
  • Install it in your device and open it.
  • Now click the Try to Root button there.
  • It will take some time to process.
  • After finishing the process, Your device will successfully rooted.
  • And you are all done.

So these were some method to root an android device. If you are willing to root your android device then you use any of the step described above. But friends be careful while rooting because a little mistake while rooting your device can make your device of no use. And I will not responsible for any fault done by you.

Video Tutorial

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Final Words

First of all thank you all friends who give their precious time to read this article. And thank you for visiting this site. I hope this article will help you. If you have any question about the article then you can ask me in the comment section. Please visit here again. Thank you.

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