How to Use Someone’s Whatsapp In Your Android


Hello friends, you are most welcome to my website. Today we are going to explain you about a trick that will help you to use someone’s WhatsApp in your android mobile. Yes, with this trick, you will be able to use someone’s WhatsApp in your android mobile. This is a tested way so there is no risk in using it. So our today’ topic is How to use someone’s WhatsApp in your android device. But friends, let me clear you one thing that all tips and tricks that I have shared in my websites, are only for educational purpose. These tricks does not promote any criminal activity or crime. So lets begin the article.

In this era of modern technology, we are using technology in excess in our daily life. And our mobile phone is one of them. We often use our mobile phone for calling our colleagues, texting them, for clicking photos, mailing, for playing games, for listening music and for a lot of things we use it. While coming to this modern era, technology has changed a lot. Google, the most important part of technology, has introduced many applications for text chat and to stay connected with our colleagues. WhatsApp is one of them. WhatsApp is an application which you can use for texting, voice calling, video calling and much moreIn addition with these features, you can update your status at any time. With this you can set your desired name and your desired profile picture to your account. WhatsApp has a great and user friendly user interface. So every user can use it easily. And that is why it is becoming more popular among people. People of all ages prefers to use it. Because you can share news, information with it to others. Not only this, you can share your photos, videos, voice clips, songs, and your files with it easily.

How to Use Someone’s Whatsapp In Your Android

Because Whatsapp is too popular among people of all ages, then anyone can get important important information about someone by checking their personal WhatsApp account. Like Parents can spy on their childeren, because parents must know that what is going on their child’s life? And it is the best idea to check out their whatsapp messages. But you guys must be thinking that how it can be possible? Because we can not use someone’s mobile to check their WhatsApp account. Obviously, they will not permit you to do the same. But today I have an awesome trick to share with you with which you will be able to use someone’s whatsapp in your android mobile.

Requirements to Use Someone’s Whatsapp In Your Android

First of all, the requirements. To complete the task of hacking someone’s whatsapp, You have to fulfil the below given requirements. Then only you can proceed towards the steps.

  • Android device
  • WhatsApp account
  • Victim’s mobile (for few seconds)
  • Whatscan for WhatsApp app in your android device.

Whatscan for Whatsapp

Friends Whatscan for Whatsapp web is the most important part of our today’s trick. This app will let you to check the whatsapp account or whatsapp messages of someone other in your android mobile. It is an application that generates a bar code and you have to scan that bar code in the victim’s whatsapp account. Then it will show you all the old messages current messages and lots more. You can directly download the apk file of Whatscan for Whatsapp web from above give link. Then you have to install it in your device. And Just open the app and then follow the below given steps.

How to make account on WhatsApp ?

Before moving to the steps description, I am providing the guidelines to make an account in WhatsApp. I know everyone knew it already. But there could be some people who are noob in whatsapp and even don’t know the way to make an account on whatsapp. So this information is for them.

  1. Firstly you have to download the Whatsapp app from here.
  2. Then install it in your device.
  3. Now Open the app and it will ask you to enter a mobile number.
  4. You have to enter the mobile number with which you want to make your whatsapp account. Remember one thing friends, the number of the SIM which you have entered should be currently working in your device. So that you can receive the OTP code they will send to you on that number.
  5. After that your number would be verified.
  6. And then it will ask you to set a Name, Profile picture, and Status. You can set it according to your choice.
  7. And with that your account will be open.

In this way you can make your account in Whatsapp and can be connected with your friends, and family members.

Steps to use someone’s whatsapp in your android device.

Now we will describe you the steps to use someone’s whatsapp in your android device. Follow these steps and you will be able to use someone’s whatsapp in your android mobile.

  1. First of all, download the Whatscan for Whatsapp in your device. You can directly download it from here.
  2. Now open the app. And it will generate a bar code there.
  3. Now take the mobile of victim, whose Whatsapp you want to hack.
  4. And Open the Whatsapp web by clicking the three small white dots in the upper right side of your screen.
  5. A camera will be open on victim’s mobile.
  6. Scan that bar code in that camera.
  7. If the bar code has been successfully scanned then open the whatscan app again.
  8. And now you will see the messages of victim in your android device.

So these were the steps to use someone’s whatsapp in your android device. Follow these steps carefully.

Note: This trick is for educational purpose only. It does not encourages any crime.

Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial also for you. This is an YouTube video that is showing how can you hack or use some one’s Whatsapp in your android device. Watch this video to make it more clear and easy for you. Like the video, Share it, and Subscribe the Channel.

Final Words

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