Best PPD Sites 2020 (Pay Per Download Websites )


Hey, Welcome back friends to my website How To Hax. Our today’s article also a small effort of mine to help you. In this article I will provide you brief information about the best Pay Per Download sites 2020, In short, we can say best PPD sites 2020. So, our today’s article’s topic is Best pay per download sites 2019.

Types Of PPD Sites

Friends, basically PPD sites are of two types. There are two categories of PPD sites. The first one is PPD sites without survey. And the second one is PPD sites with the survey. PPD sites without survey are the PPD sites which do not give you any task to complete any survey before downloading, uploading or sharing to earn money. It means you can easily download, upload or share a file from these kinds of PPD sites and get paid up-to 0.05$ per download.

On the other hand, PPD sites with surveys are the PPD sites which comes with surveys. It just means these are those PPD sites which give you task to complete a survey before downloading. But not everyone can complete the survey. But once if you will complete the survey, it will pay you 1$ per download. So I am providing below a list of both, With survey and Without survey PPD sites. You can choose any of your choices.

List of Best PPD Sites 2020


It is one of the best PPD sites of 2020 that allows its users or affiliate partner members to download, upload files, and also permits you to share that on websites and social networking sites. Whenever you try to download, upload or share file, you first have to complete the Fileice survey. On completing the given survey, Fileice pays you 1$ per download. If you are a website owner, or if you have owned any site where you can download your files, and your visitors can download those files, then Fileice is the best option for you. Fileice is the best choice as a PPD Site which is available online. So if you are interested in earning money from PPD sites, then Fileice is the best option for you. For your convenience, I have provided you the link to register on

Fileice Registration Page

2. DollarUpload

DollarUpload is the second of the best PPD sites of 2020. It is paying its users regularly online without creating any problem or issue. Its users are happy with its problem free service. You can earn money from home by just uploading, downloading files from DollarUpload. With this, you make money from here by locking a link to your content. It means you can earn more by closing your whole website or a part of your site so that you can get money every time people visits your site and get access to your site through any converted link. You can take your money by any method like Paypal, bank transfer, etc. Below is the register link to register on DollarUpload.

DollarUpload Registration Page

3. ShareCash

ShareCash is the third best PPD site from the list. Bloggers who have owned a video site, gaming site, e-Book site, coupon site or a template site, can take more advantage of ShareCash. You will get paid whenever people complete quick surveys to download your files. The best thing about the site is you can monetize the traffic anytime of your website or blog by just coding a java script to your blog or website. You can get your money through Payza, Paypal, Bank transferring or any of the method of your choice. I have provided the registering link below.

ShareCash Registration Page

4. UploadCash

UploadCash is the another best PPD site. It pays its users for every download, upload or share on social media like Facebook. But before that, you have to complete the surveys before downloading, uploading or sharing any file. And after that, you will get paid 1$ per download. It is a revolutionary site that pays its users real time money. I am providing you the registering link below to register on UploadCash.

UploadCash Registration Page


Below is the list of Best PPD Sites 2019 Without Surveys

1. Usersloud

Userscloud is the first best PPD sites of 2020 which pays its users for downloading, uploading and sharing its files on social media. It gives you unlimited storage to upload files. Nowadays lots of people using this type of PPD sites and making real money from this. This PPD site pays you for every download. And if you have owned any website, then you must try it once because with this you can earn more money with your uploads and your visitor’s downloads. Below, I have given the registering link to register your account in Userscloud.

Userscloud Registration Page

2. Uploadocean

Uploadocean is the second best PPD sites 2020. It is the PPD site which allows you download, upload and shares its files without introducing any survey. It can pay you up-to $21 for completion of 1000 downloads. It is the best way to make a real money from home by just downloading, uploading and sharing files on social media. You can take out your money via Paypal, Bank transfer or any method that is convenient to you. Registering link is given below to register on Uploadocean.

UploadOcean Registration Page

3. (best for video and mp3 files) is one of the best PPD site that does not gives you the task of completing any survey. Friends many of the PPD sites does not allow you to download or upload any video or mp3 file. In this case is the best PPD site for you. So if you have owned any website where you used to upload movies, videos (like funny videos, motivational videos etc.) or mp3 songs, then is the best PPD site for you. You can easily convert your website traffic into a good money. So I will suggest you that you must try it once. To register your account on just click on the below given link.

IndiaShare Registration Page

These were the best PPD sites of 2020. Friends try these sites and you can make money with some easy steps.

Final Words

As above, we have described best PPD sites list. I hope this article will help you. Finally, I want to thank you all that you gave your precious to read this article and also for visiting here. Please visit here again for more articles and tricks. If you have any doubt or any question related to this article, then you can ask me in the comment section. I will try to reply you soon. And with this, share this article with your friends and colleagues. That’s all for this article. I will be back with my words on a new article, till then bye bye.

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