Best Skype Alternatives of 2018

Skype is popular among teen as well as professionals. It allows us to call a person over wifi and cellular network for free! However, people use Skype for different purposes. Some people use it to connect with their family and friends while others use it for video conferencing and meetings. Skype also offers group calling …

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Free Photoshop Alternatives For Windows and MAC 2018

Adobe Photoshop is the market standard when it comes to photo editing apps. It’s good to know that adobe photoshop recently turned 25 years. It’s the first choice of graphic designers as well as the market cap. It is accompanied by Adobe illustrator¬†for vector illustrations. However, Adobe Photoshop comes with a premium tag which you …

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5 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office Software 2018

Microsoft office is the industrial standard for work-related documents like excel and powerpoint. Every company or individual needs to use one of these softwares to meet their business requirements. Microsoft office is, however, a very costly piece of software, so people often tend to look for cheap free office software alternatives. We are putting up …

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