Best Skype Alternatives of 2018


Skype is popular among teen as well as professionals. It allows us to call a person over wifi and cellular network for free! However, people use Skype for different purposes. Some people use it to connect with their family and friends while others use it for video conferencing and meetings. Skype also offers group calling so you can video call your group whenever you want. But Skype is not the best choice for everyone, so they look for some good alternatives to Skype. In this article, we are going to talk about some good skype alternatives just in case if skype is not suitable for you.

Best Skype Alternatives

1. Google Hangouts

It is the best skype alternative you could find on the internet. It allows you to chat, video call, voice call, group calling, etc. It also offers VoIP calling service with least charges among its competitors. Furthermore, you can broadcast live with Hangouts on Air. It automatically gets submitted to youtube once you are over with your live hangout session. Why is it the best skype alternative you ask? Because it doesn’t need any software to run, you can simply log in it with your Gmail account and start using hangout services, for free of course!

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2. VSee

If you have used Skype before then, you will notice that takes up quite a lot of your internet bandwidth during a standard video call. It’s quite the opposite in VSee as it only takes up 50% of what skype takes for a video call. VSee also offers unlimited group calls for free. You can easily share your files and 720p footage with instant messaging and screen sharing, which makes it one of the best skype alternatives for pc. It only allows one screen shares a day; if you have more requirements, then you have to buy a subscription which costs $9 a month. If you have .edu mail, then you can access VSee premium services for free which is an advantage for college students.

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3. Uber Conference

Uber Conference is an audio chat service which offers both free and premium services. The best thing about Uber Conference is that you can talk with 10 callers at the same time which is ideal for conference calls for which it was designed. If the video call is not an essential feature for you, then you should check out this great Skype alternative. You can also record your calls on the go. Their premium services start from $10 a month.

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4. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a premium video calling service where you can video call in a group of 25 members and have unlimited meetings. It is ideal for business purposes where they need to hold up conference meetings pretty often. Their premium package starts from $49 a month and supports multi-platform devices ranging from windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

5. Voca

Voca is one of the best skype alternatives you could find on the internet for cheap or almost free video calls. Their package includes cheap international calls and supports highly encrypted calls and messages. If privacy is something about you care a lot, then definitely give this service a shot. Furthermore, their software comes with a clean and simplistic user interface which is easy to adapt to. Voca is currently available for Android and iOS devices


That’s all guys! We have listed our list of top 5 skype alternatives above, and we hope you found one of them adequate to your voice calling requirements. Have a nice day!

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