Free Photoshop Alternatives For Windows and MAC 2018


Adobe Photoshop is the market standard when it comes to photo editing apps. It’s good to know that adobe photoshop recently turned 25 years. It’s the first choice of graphic designers as well as the market cap. It is accompanied by Adobe illustrator for vector illustrations. However, Adobe Photoshop comes with a premium tag which you need to pay a monthly subscription. Because of the premium price tag, many people cant afford to use adobe photoshop, so they look for a free alternative to photoshop to meed their graphical needs. In this article, we are going to talk about some great and free Photoshop alternatives that you can try today.

Free Photoshop Alternatives For Cross-Platform PCs

Most of the software we are going to list down below supports Windows, Linux and mac os in general. Few of them also supports BSD and Unix too.


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and the first choice of users when it comes to free photoshop alternative programs. It has a broad community which helps this open source project for new updates. GIMP offers a pretty good variety of tools similar to photoshop. You can easily edit your images professionally and for free on this software. Its available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD, Unix. It supports essential editing functions as well as advanced image manipulation tools which are capable of Layering, HDR, photo retouching, noise removal, lens flaring, custom color replacement, and correction, etc. It supports RAW, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD. You can also edit your photoshop draft files in GIMP as it supports PSD file formats.

Download GIMP

2. Paint.Net

Paint.Net is basically an advanced version of default paint which you get by default in windows PC. However being very small (around 5 MB in size) it packing some serious tools for your image editing requirement. Obviously, it is not a full fledge photoshop alternative, but it supports multilayers, graphs, tone levels, adding/removing noise, png editing, etc. You can also install various third-party plugins to extend its functionality. Sadly it is only available for Windows platform and supports RAW, BMP, JPG, PNG file formats.

Download Paint.Net

3. Seashore

If you’re a Mac user and want to use Paint.Net, then Seashore is a great choice. It’s a free photoshop alternative for Mac OS platform which facilitates Layer support, Alpha channel, Gradient support, Manual layer transparency and variety of brushes to choose from. Most of its tools resemble from adobe photoshop, but it is not very powerful as original photoshop if. So if you’re looking for a free alternative to photoshop which can handle basic photo editing tasks, then you can try this out.

Download Seashore

4. Pixlr

It’s a free photoshop alternative which works on almost all device as long as they have a web browser and internet connectivity. Pixlr is web-based photo manipulation tool which offers a variety of selection tools, keyboard shortcuts, text overlays, layer support, image resizing and cropping, instant red-eye removal, contrast adjustment and many more. Its great tool if you need a fast tool as most free photoshop alternatives are quite bogus and slow to run. Along with that, it doesn’t eat much ram as it runs in your browser.

Download Pixlr


These were the top free photoshop alternatives which can try today. Let us know which one them you liked the most int he comments section below!

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