My iPhone wont turn on – What should I do?


iPhones and iPads are well known for their smooth software experience and longer durability. But let’s be honest, no technology is perfect. Sometimes you might face the issue where your iPhone won’t turn on. Recently this happened to me when my iPhone 6 won’t turn on. I was in a huge panic as my iPhones is my most important thing which I need. I fixed it up later, but I thought if my iPhone won’t turns on at some point then others might be facing the same issue. So, I drafted this article on what to do if your phone won’t turn on. Let ‘s get started.

Plug It In, Let It Charge — And Wait

What if your iPhone is super discharged, i.e., it has no battery juice left? Well, just keep it for charging for some time and hope that it wakes up again. Sometimes the battery just dies upon you making your phone dead as well. It can be fixed by replacing the battery but first, you gotta be sure about this as battery replacements aren’t cheap. If the battery is completely dead, then your iPhone won’t turn on at all otherwise it will show a low battery sign. If it does, then give it sweet fifteen minutes, and it will be alive again.

Perform a hard reset

Hard reset can help up to revive your iPhone back if it’s not turning on. However be aware that a hard reset will completely wipe up your iPhone data which includes your contacts, messages, photos, videos, and everything. Also, make sure that you change up the battery to 70{a1ae43ceea9dfe112387d9bed445b9f9260808df0f7e6b43d56218867d837494}. Oh well, your iPhone won’t turn on, so you cant see how much battery percentage is there. Well keep it for charging for one hour, and you’re good to go.

Click Here to get the full tutorial How to perform a Hard Reset.

Restore the iOS Operating System With iTunes

It is obvious that iPhone and iPad will not operate or turn on if they don’t have the battery juice. In most cases, your iPhone will turn on, but it won’t turn on completely. Instead, it will show an iTunes recovery screen with iTunes logo and the lightning cable.

If your iPhone shows the connect to Itunes splash screen, then it means that your iPhone got some software related issues or it is corrupted but good news that it can be fixed with iTunes. First, you have to download iTunes if you use a windows based PC, you can skip this step if you own a Mac as it comes preinstalled with iTunes.

After launching iTunes, connect your iPhone with the lightning cable and restore it.

iTunes will show a message that iTunes has detected a device in recovery mode. You can either restore from a previously stored backup. If you don’t have that, then you can simply download latest iOS firmware capable for your iPhone model.


So, guys, these are the steps which you can take if your iPhone won’t turn on. Shre it with people who own an iPhone as they might need this tutorial in future.

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