How to Uninstall System Apps in Android Without Root


Hey guys, Today in this article i am going to share an article which is about, How to uninstall system apps in android without root. Android comes with a Linux based operating system. And nowadays it is most popular for phones. Almost all cellphones brands make their phones using android technology. Because it is very easy to use and it looks like awesome. There are a wide range of data available in the internet for android. Lots of themes and lots of applications also available for it. 

How to Uninstall System Apps in Android Without Root

now we are going to share some information about system apps. So before uninstalling system apps, you want to know that what is system apps in phone.

What are System Apps?

Guys when we bought a new phone, then it comes with too many useless apps. You can able to uninstall some apps from those applications. But some apps are pre-installed in our device, Maybe you guys thinking about, What is pre installed apps?. So, I have a simple example for you. There are some apps installed in your android phone, Like calendar, calculator, maps etc. We can not uninstall it. But some system apps are not useless for us. Means we don’t need that apps in our Android phone. So we need to uninstall system apps.

Top Useless System Apps

1. Google Play Music

Guys we all know about this app, And nowadays it comes in almost all android phones. So many of users want to remove it from their device. But it pre-installed application, then they unable to remove it. Maybe you guys thinking how google play music unwanted app? Guys we all have default music app in our android phone. So why we need google play music? So we just have to uninstall it.

2. Default Browser

It is the second application is our list which is unusable application. We all loves chrome browser or UC browser etc. Because they supports JAVA Script, And they comes with lots of features. So i think you also using any other browser. That’s why we have to remove it from our android device.

3. Play Books

Maybe you don’t know how to use it. Even i also not tried this application anymore. Because all books paid. We want to read any book. Then we can download it, And then we can use it by using PDF Reader. So if you also want to remove unwanted apps then you can do it by just following below article.

Requirements to Uninstall System Apps in Android Without Root

Here we mention some basic requirements to remove unwanted pre installed apps in android phone without root. So you have to read all requirements and also you have to complete all requirements. Because without following below given requirements, you can not uninstall system apps in android without root.

1. Windows PC

The most important requirement is that you need a Windows PC. Because we using a software in this tutorial. The software only works in Windows PC. So if you don’t have any Windows PC in your home. Then you can use cyber cafe’s PC. Because everyone does not has personal PC in there home.

2. Debolater

This software helps you to uninstall system apps without root. You have to Download and install it in your Windows PC. Then you have to connect your mobile with your PC. Now it will show your all apps. I will provide you step by step guide in below given article.

3. USB Debugging

You have to enable  USB Debugging on your android phone. Because before enable it, you can not connect your device with your PC. To enable USB Debugging, You have to open your phone setting. Then open Developer Mode. If you not found developer mode in your settings. Then go to About Phone. Now tap on Build Number (7-8 Times). Then go back. Then open Developer Option and then enable USB Debugging.

4. USB Drivers

You should have to install USB Drivers for your phone. Because without installing USB Drivers, You unable to connect your android phone with your PC. So find drivers for your device on google. I will recommend you to install ADB Drivers.

How to Uninstall System Apps in Android

So without wasting your more time to describe more information.  I am going to share the main part of this article. I know you are waiting for this part. In this section, We provide you full step by step guide to Uninstall System Apps in Android Without Root. We also added some of images to describe this section deeply. 😀

  1. Firstly you have to download a software named Debloater. You can download it by just click here.
  2. After finishing the downloading and installation process, you have to open it.
  3. Now you have to install your device driver in your PC.
  4. Then enable USB Debugging  in your phone by just following above given process in requirements section.
  5. Now connect your device with your PC.
  6.  Now click on read device packages .If your phone’s drivers successfully installed in your PC. Then it will detect your phone. And it will show your all apps.
  7. Now find the app, which you want to remove.
  8. Now double click on it.
  9. That’s it. It will remove that application from your Android device.

Important Note : Guys we want to clear that, if you remove some important apps from your android. Which are very important for your operating system. Means some of apps does not work without google play services. So if you remove google play service or any other useful app. Then we are not responsible for it. So try it at own risk.

Video Tutorial To Uninstall System Apps Without Root

Guys i know the process is too simple and easy for you. But some of users unable to understand English. So we have a hindi video for those type of people. The advantage of this video is that is my YouTube channel. So if you like this video then don’t forget to subscribe my channel. Also Like and share this video with your friends.


Final Words

So guys i hope you can uninstall system apps on android without root. If you want to ask any question or query then feel free to comment below. If you like this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. And also share it on your social network profile like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. If you need more interesting tips and tricks for android. Then visit my site regularly

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