How to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phones


Hello guys, today in this article we are going to share an interesting article, which is about how to recover deleted files from android phone. Because nowadays it is most important topic. And everyone wants to know about it. Dose not matter that you want to recover your deleted files or not 😛 . But if you have knowledge about it, then you can use your knowledge anytime. For example : If your friend’s files is deleted, and He/She wants to recover it, but they can not. So if you know about that, then you can do it for you and for your friends also.

How to Recover Deleted Files From Android

There are some websites owners also share posts about the same topic. But most of site owners only share 1 method to recover deleted files from android phone. Which is about Dumpster App. Before starting our post, I want to make it clear that Dumpster App is works like recycle bin. Means you already need that application in your device. But if someone delete any file by mistake. Then this app can not recover the deleted files. That’s why we write this article. Because we have some of best apps that can help you.

I will provide you 2 of best applications for recover deleted files from android device. You have to download that applications in your android device, and then you have to follow normal steps which i provide you in below given article.

Which Type of Files You Can Recover ?

Many of sites owners only provide you methods for recover photos. But now in this article i will provide you a method to recover photos and all types of files. Because some peoples want to recover their deleted zip files and other format files too. So their are does not mater that which type your file has been deleted.

Need Root For Recover Deleted Files?

If you don’t know about root or benefits of root, then you can read this article about root. And yes, you need to root your android device for recover deleted files from android device. But their are some conditions that you have to know. The first application in our list named Disk Digger Pro which is the number 1 Files recover software for android devices. If you want to recover only photos in disk digger then you don’t need to root your device. Or also you don’t need to download paid version. Free version of disk digger can recover only photos. But if you want to recover any type of file from your android phone. Then you need to download Disk Digger Pro. I will provide you the download link of paid version of Disk Digger Pro.

The second application in our list named GT data recovery. This application is only for rooted device. If your device is already rooted then you can use it. But my first recommendation is for disk digger pro. Because i am already use that application sometimes. Their are some of users want to ask some of questions about recover deleted files.

How to Recover Deleted Files Without Root?

The first question is not “how to”… The first question is “Can we?”. And the answer is “Yes You Can”. If your device is not rooted then you can also recover your deleted files and photos from your android device. But now in this case you need a Windows PC. If you already not have a windows PC. Or you unable to purchase it. Then don’t worry about it. Every problem came with their solution. You have to find problem’s solution. And keep in mind that “Never Give Up”.

If you are not a windows PC user. Then you can find Cyber Cefe in your area, and you can use PC on there. Or you can also use your friend’s PC for recover deleted files. So guys i hope you can access a Windows PC. Then you don’t need to root your android device. Or if you have Windows PC. Then you can easily recover deleted files. I will provide you tutorial for windows PC in end of this article.

Requirements to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone

  1. Android Phone
  2. Application for recover deleted Files From android Device (Apps link in steps section)
  3. Little brain

Above i mentioned some of basic requirements, you have to complete all above given requirements and then you have to move on the below section. Below given section is the main part of this article. So read and follow it carefully. And i hope you will got success.

Methods to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone

Here i will provide you 2 best methods. The first one is tested by me. And the second one is tested by our team member. But firstly you have to try the first one. Because i also using that method many of times. Now without wasting your more time, let’s move on the first method.

#1 Method to Recover Deleted Files From Android Mobile

In this method i am going to use an application named Disk Digger. You can download it by given link in steps section below. There are 2 versions available of Disk Digger app. I want to make it clear about both of versions. The first version is free and the second version is paid. But i will provide you pro version for free 😀 .

Difference Between Pro  and free version of disk digger application

Features Free Version
  1. You don’t have to pay anything.
  2. You can recover only images (not for all type files).
  3. It works without root 😀 .
  4. You can download free version by just click here
Features of Pro Version
  1. You can recover any type of file in it.
  2. If you want to recover any other type of file (not a image file), then you have to root your android mobile.
  3. You can download it by just click here

Steps to Recover deleted files from android device using Disk Digger App

  1. Firstly you have to download disk digger app by just click here
  2. Now open it, if your device is rooted, then it will ask for root permission, then tap on Allow/ Grant Button.
  3. If you want to recover only photos. Then click on Start Basic Photo Scan.
  4. Or if you want to recover any other type of file then select your storage or file format.
  5. After that, it will start scanning. After finish the process, you have to click on that file.
  6. Now click on recover button.
  7. Then select the location which you want to save your recovered file. (Phone storage, Google Drive or Dropbox, FTP Upload).
  8. That’s it. You are done.

Note:- The process is same for free or paid version. That’s why i mentioned only 1 section 😀 .

#2 Method to Recover Deleted Files From Android Device (Rooted Device Only)

In this method i am going to use an application named GT Data Recovery . This application is tested by my team member. I am not sure it is work for you or not. But i highly recommend you that firstly try Disk Digger app. If that application not work for you then you can try it for recover deleted files from android mobile. GT Recovery can help you recover  recover audios as musics and records, images, photos, documents, videos etc. Or you can also recover your lost contacts and messages. GT Data Recovery can easily undelete files and recover the lost photos via scanning the full storage of your android device.


  • Supports mainstream volume formats, as FAT,EXT3,EXT4.
  • Help you find what you want easily.
  • The scanning results of audios or videos can be previewed.

Steps to Use GT Data Recovery

  1. Firstly you have to download it by just Click Here
  2. Now open it.
  3. Then select file type, which file type you want to recover. For example :- Recover Photos
  4. Now start new scan.
  5. After finishing the scanning process. Select the file and click on Recover.
  6. Now Select the location where you want to save your recovered file.
  7. And then press OK.
  8. Now click on View the Result.
  9. That’s it. You are done.

How to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone Without Root

In this method you need a windows PC, Because i am using a software in this method which works only for Windows PC. If you don’t have a PC or laptop then leave this method or try above given methods. I am using Wondershare Data recovery software in this method. The software is developed by wondershare.  You can recover your any type of deleted files by using it.

There are 2 mods available in this software. The 1st mode is normal and free for all users. And the 2nd mode is advance mode (Not Free). If you want to recover file that you delete recently then you can do it in free version of Wondershare Data recovery. But if you unable to recover that file then you have to try advance mode in it. I will provide you full step by step guide in below given steps section. Now let’s move on the requirements section.

Requirements to Recover Deleted Data Without Root

  1. Windows PC or Laptop
  2. Wondershare Data recovery Software
  3. Little Brain or below given steps.

Steps to Use This Software :-

  • Firstly download it by above given link.
  • After finish the downloading process, install it.
  • Now go to your android device settings > developer option > USB Debugging turn it on. (if you not show developer option in your phone, then go to settings > about > build number click on it 7 to 8 times, and then you can access developer option of your android.
  • Now connect your phone into your PC by USB cable.
  • It show your phone.
  • Now you can select which type data you want to recover.
  • Then click on recover.
  • It will start the recovering process, and the left side you can check your recovered files.
  • If you see your deleted files in recovered list, then you can stop the recovering process.
  • But sometimes it will take few minutes or hours.
  • That’s it, you are successfully recover your deleted files on android.

Video Tutorial

If you are unable to complete above given steps then you can watch below given youtube video. If the video works for you then don’t forget to like the video and subscribe my channel also for latest videos tips and tricks updates.


Final Words

So guys this was the complete process to Recover Deleted Files From Android, or we also provide a method to create recycle bin in android, i hope you liked the tutorial, and if you know any other method to recover deleted files from android, then you can mention your method in comment section, i will add your method in our article.

And if you facing any problem while recover deleted files on android, then you can mention your problem in comments below, i will reply you shortly with a working solution for this problem. Don’t forgot to share this article with your friends, or you can also share it in your Facebook timeline, keep visit for more Android Tricks and tutorial.

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