How to use iPhone as Webcam (2 Ways) | 2018


Yeah, it is possible to use iPhone as webcam. If you have broken your webcam accidently, then no need to panic as you can use your iPhone as webcam to video chat with your friends or you can connect with your client through your iPhone’s camera. We have received so many queries on how to use iPhone as webcam.

Finally, today we are here with two different solutions of the question “How to use iPhone as webcam?”. These solutions are basically based on two different apps that you need to download on your iPhone. After downloading the apps, you can use your iPhone as webcam.

2 Apps to Use iPhone as WebCam

1. EpocCam Wireless Virtual Computer Webcam

EpocCam is a free application for all the iPhone users. You need to download this from your Apple App store and need to create an account in the app. After creating an account, you need to visit the official website of EpocCam in order to download the drivers for PC.

EpocCam app is the best application that you can use to convert your iPhone into a webcam. This application is already tested by over three million users. On the Apple App store, EpocCam has ratted 4.5 out 5 stars.  It is capable to use both the rear and front camera to record. EpocCam app has some premium features like click to focus and you can on/off the flash. But to get the premium version, you have to pay 6$ and after that, you can use it for the lifetime on your iPhone.

EpocCam app is compatible with almost all the websites that allow their users to video call. All the major websites such as Skype, Google hangout supports EpocCam. Apart from this, the range of connectivity of this app is up to 20 feet’s.

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2. PocketCam Lite

Another free application that allows you to use you iPhone as Webcam. Through PocketCam app you can attend video calls on your iPhone or you can receive it on your laptop and can connect that with your iPhone. So, via this, you are free to roam anywhere within a radius of 20 feet’s without carrying your laptop with yourself.

This application is again compatible with all the popular websites and application that support video calling. Apart from this, there are two different versions of the PocketCam App available. One is lite whereas another one is premium. In the lite version, you can record black and white video but in a premium version, you can access color video recordings. To get the premium version, you have to pay 6$.

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These were the best apps that you can download and through the apps, you can easily use your iPhone as webcam. Apart from this, both the apps are highly trusted and popular among all. User Interface of both the apps is very simple and elegant. These apps are available on the Apple App store for free of cost.

‎PocketCam Lite
‎PocketCam Lite
Developer: Senstic
Price: Free


Both the apps that are mentioned above are selected after a deep research and is placed as the solution to question “How to use iPhone as webcam?” on the basis of customer satisfaction and their review. Thus, you can try them and they are safe to use.

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